“A relaxing yet thrilling birds eye view of Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach”
Don & Natalie, Merritt Island


My husband & I took the approx 1 hour trip including the 'light aerobatics' add-on over the beach. It was incredibly smooth, from take-off to landing & everything in between. We've done some other things before, a few helicopter rides, float plane…but nothing will compare to being in the open air & seeing the scenery at such a low altitude! Just gorgeous! And great value, too! Steve, the pilot, gave us just the right amount of narration to the trip. And Mark, the owner, was incredibly nice, professional yet relaxed, too. Was a fantastic experience neither of us will ever forget! We highly recommend it!!!!


The staff at Florida Biplanes were fantastic. They covered everything in a casual reassuring manner. Steve, our pilot, came from my wife’s hometown in S. Lima, NY so we had an instant connection. He guided us through the whole ride making sure we didn’t see our lunch again. It was a lifetime thrill and would recommend Florida Biplanes to everyone. Please don’t miss this thrilling time. It’s a thrill for all!


Great organization, very personable, wonderful-one of a kind experience!
My 3 boys and husband all flew at the VAC in Titusville .They had a wonderful time and cannot wait to experience the acrobatic flight over the ocean!!


I sent my 2 children (ages 11 and 8) for a ride and they loved it. I booked the tour through Mark, the owner, but Steve was the pilot. They were both very professional and I felt comfortable sending the kids. This is a tour they will remember for pehaps a lifetime.


The kids saw their house and the cruise ships. They also waived to the people on the beach.


It was a fabulous day and even more fabulous ride! Steve was more than willing to make adjustments to the routine flight plan to accommodate us. It was the shortest 45 minutes we’ve ever spent. We’ve been recommending Florida Biplanes to everyone we see…just can’t quit talking about the experience. Absolutely loved it! Great idea for a gift!


We did the beach flight and really enjoyed it. We are local, but this gave us a completely new perspective on the area. We walk the beach often and see the plane go by, so it was great to be the ones looking down instead of up. Also we flew over areas one normally doesn't get to see, i.e. the cruise ships docked and the Barge Canal. We even flew over our house! Amazing how much water there is! The guys are very friendly and helpful. This trip makes a great gift!